22 Mar 2019
Four Reasons You Should Participate in a Clinical Trial

Four Reasons You Should Participate in a Clinical Trial

A clinical trial is an extremely important part of science. It is the final step in a new medication or treatment hitting the market and potentially saving lives. However, about 37 percent of clinical trials don’t enroll enough patients to proceed. In addition, 11 percent fail to enroll even one patient.

While clinical trials may pose some risks, such as unpleasant side effects or failure of treatment, they also offer a wealth of benefits. If you’re thinking about whether or not you want to participate in a clinical trial, we’ve rounded up four meaningful benefits.

Four Reasons Clinical Trials Are Worth It

Clinical Trials Help Others

Participating in a clinical trial allows you the opportunity to help other people for years to come. Science is an ever-growing field, with new technologies emerging all the time. Being able to help keep science moving forward is a great privilege and something you can feel good about.

By reporting exactly how you feel while getting treated, what side effects you may have and how much you have improved, you are setting the groundwork for science and it’s ever-growing studies. Researchers will see how they can improve and what they might need to change – and it can make all the difference in possibly saving lives for the future.

Get Access to Cutting Edge Treatments

Technology evolves constantly, and this means you’ll be able to gain access to the latest that science has to offer. This can be especially helpful in making your decision if the treatment you’ve been receiving has not been working, or if you want to try something new.

Testing the newest technologies, methods, and medications that are developed by science gives hope for the future. Researchers will be able to improve their methodologies moving forward and be able to keep building on the findings that you offer. For example, if you feel extreme nausea during your treatment, it can make the difference in someone else not experiencing it in the future. Science can only evolve with the participation of humans helping to move it forward.

You’ll Receive Personalized, High-Quality Medical Care

Researchers want to know everything that you might be experiencing during your clinical trial. This means that you will receive high-quality medical care and attention throughout your treatment. Your overall health will be carefully monitored throughout the process by an entire team, which can be a type of care and attention that is hard to come by for the average person.

Be Part of a Scientific Discovery

Clinical trials are perhaps the most important part of the approval process of a medication or treatment. Medical breakthroughs would not be possible without the help of clinical trial participants. If your clinical trial is successful, able to hit the market and save lives, that is a proud legacy that you can carry with you.

Are you feeling like a clinical trial is the right fit for you? If you are ready to participate, give us a call.

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