01 Jul 2022
COVID-19 Clinical Research Study

Positive for COVID? Get Paid for Treatment

Join The COVID-19 Clinical Research Study!

If you are feeling the symptoms of COVID, you now have the opportunity to receive a test—free of charge—and access to brand new medication at no charge, as well. In fact, you will be paid for your time and efforts, up to $3,200. If you are interested in advancing the science and research surrounding this brand new virus, a COVID-19 Clinical Research Study may be perfect for you. Keep reading to learn about the COVID-19 Clinical Research Study and how to sign up as soon as symptoms occur.

What is the COVID-19 Clinical Research Study?

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world over the past two years, and pharmaceutical companies are working hard to bring new medicines to the market. Studies are starting now, and enrollment is available for Phase II testing.

The COVID-19 Clinical Research Study, conducted by Clinical Research LA, is a short-term trial in which you will use a promising new medication seeking FDA approval. This clinical research study is a Phase 2 study, which means that the Phase 1 study was very promising and the FDA has approved the study to move to phase 2. Phase 1 study included human participants and saw limited adverse reaction issues.

Here is what you can expect as a participant:

  • Complimentary study-related medicines
  • Complimentary consultation and health exam
  • Complimentary lab reports
  • Governed & monitored by a central ethics committee
  • FDA-governed
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Full confidentiality
  • Meets all industry safety guidelines

What to Do If You’ve Tested Positive for COVID

If you are feeling the symptoms of COVID, or have just tested positive for COVID, it is important to follow the CDC guidelines to help prevent spreading the virus further. As of the publication of this blog, the guidelines are as follows:

  • Stay home. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care. Do not leave your home, except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas and do not go to places where you are unable to wear a mask.
  • Take care of yourself. Get rest and stay hydrated. Take over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen, to help you feel better.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor. Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency.
  • Avoid public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis if possible.

In addition to following these guidelines, you can click here to fill out our short form to enroll in our clinical study and start receiving treatment.

Who is Conducting the COVID-19 Clinical Research Study?

Our clinical research clinic has extensive experience conducting Phase II through IV clinical trials with many leading pharmaceutical companies. Our facility features multiple investigators with many years in clinical research and counts over 10,000 patients.

Every member of the team offers a wealth of experience, a caring personality, and a commitment to ably serving the pharmaceutical industry, the community, and its patients. Our team of clinical research investigators also brings many years of research experience working at UCLA and USC. They speak English, Spanish, Italian, and Farsi for your convenience.

For more information, or to see more clinical studies that are currently accepting participants, visit us at clinicalresearchLA.com!

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