01 Nov 2019
Should I Try a Clinical Trial?

Should I Try a Clinical Trial?

Should I Try a Clinical Trial?

If you are suffering from a condition — anything from arthritis to cancer — you may be trying to find the right treatment for you. Sometimes, your treatment path might not always be what the doctors recommend to you. Whether it’s a personal preference or because you’re not seeing results, you may be wanting to try something new. A perfect option might be to try a clinical trial. If you are trying to decide whether or not you want to participate in one, there are a handful of great reasons, and also some great questions to keep in mind.

Try a Clinical Trial for Access to the Newest Treatments

Clinical trials are the final phase before the FDA approves a medication. In order to become approved, the medication needs to be tested on a large group of diverse people suffering from the condition it was created for. Since these medications or treatments are the latest advancements, they involve the latest research and methods available. This means by participating in a clinical trial, you will be taking advantage of the latest science available for your condition.

Clinical Trials Can Save Lives

As mentioned, clinical trials are required before new medications or treatments are approved by the FDA. As such, these new advancements in medicine can not only save your life but the lives of other people suffering from the same condition as you. Science always improves upon itself, so to be able to be one of the first to take part in the latest advancement could very well be what saves your life and generations of others.

High-Quality Medical Care

The ultimate purpose of a clinical trial is to see whether or not the medication or treatment at hand will work. While there is a chance you may experience unpleasant side-effects during the trial, these findings are extremely important which is why you will also receive high-quality medical care throughout. This can mean around-the-clock care, frequent visits with your medical team and being closely monitored. This type of medical care and attention is pretty difficult to get otherwise.

You May Recieve Financial Compensation

Of course, one of the best parts of a clinical trial is that you may be financially compensated. This is established before the participant agrees to the study. Many clinical trials pay participants for their time and efforts during the trial because participants are often asked to spend a lot of time with a medical team and perform certain tasks so that they can monitor what happens.

Interested in Trying a Clinical Trial?

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